YouTube / Gaming Montage


Some design concepts and animations for YouTube Gaming - the new video platform for streaming live content. These were meant to act as vignettes within a launch video to introduce the concept.

In the end, they did not make it in the final launch video. This is an edit of some of the things worked on - compiling a mix of elements pushed to client as well as a majority of animation I just thought was neato to do after the fact.


Agency: The Pub

Content Creator (Copywriter): Paul Fix

Content Creator (Art Director): Jamie Overkamp

Content Creator: Dave Tindale

Managing Partner / Executive Creative Director: Tiffany Rolfe

Executive Creative Director: Dave Clark

Lead Producer: Mike Hasinoff

Production Company: Blacklist

Director: Andrew Vucko for Tendril

Design: Andrew Vucko & Leo Mateus

Animation: Andrew Vucko

Music: Bitrave - Technikal