Thor Token / Brand Video


Today cryptocurrency dominates our newspaper headlines, our coffee shop conversations, and our personal investments alike. In other words, the crypto paradigm is all the rage... and it also seems here to stay. Enter Thor Token: a San Francisco-based blockchain solution for the "gig economy". Thor Token is one of the many revolutionary and niche-market crypto coins to emerge in the last twelve months or so.

That said, Thor Token needed a brand film to help their public launch and to promote the sale of their coins. The video needed to stand out against the plethora of "Explainer" style videos out there and to effectively communicate the ways in which Thor Token stands out from other coins, since it is geared specifically to those who freelance.

The main obstacle in creating the animated piece was to keep viewers engaged through yet another cryptocurrency video. The solution was to follow the journey of a “coin” through the majority of the film (starting with a generic coin and transitioning to a Thor Token). This was meant to ground the viewer's connection to the piece and visually provide a "character" framework to follow throughout the journey.

The project was especially exciting to embark on as both the gig economy and cryptocurrency are contemporary facets that we really believe in. The idea of contract workers being at the centre of Thor Token was empowering, having experienced working with contract talent first hand on a regular basis. Seeing the value in a product or service we are creatively marketing always motivates us to work even harder to make it a quality piece. Hope you enjoy!


Direction, Design: Andrew Vucko

Additional Design: Jonas Elsgaard

Animation: Andrew Vucko, Arm Sattavorn

Sound Design: John Black

Composers: Tobias Norberg, John Black

Alt Voiceover: Michelle Falanga