The Power of Like / Short


Why do we post certain things rather than others? What influences the aesthetics of what we create? How do we choose what is worth showing and what is not?

This film explores and meditates on the impact of a "like". The good, the ugly, and all the conflict in between.

For insight into the process, please check the article from Motionographer below



Directed by: Andrew Vucko

Original Music & Sound Design: CypherAudio

Written by: Caroline Leung & Andrew Vucko

Design: Andrew Vucko

Main Title Design: Daniel Luna

Technical Director: Zack Lovatt

Animation: Andrew Vucko, Arm Sattavorn, Daniel Luna, Luis Campos, Phil Borst, Sebastian Curi, Seth Eckert

Sound Design: John Black

Composers: Tobias Norberg, John Black

Voiceover: Michelle Falanga