YouTube Gaming / Montage

I built some design concepts and animations for YouTube Gaming - the new video platform for streaming live content. These were meant to act as vignettes within a launch video to introduce the concept.

In the end, they did not make it in the final launch video. This is an edit of some of the things worked on, compiling a mix of elements pushed to client as well as some stuff I just thought was neato to do after the fact.

Director: Andrew Vucko for Tendril
Design : Andrew Vucko & Leo Mateus
Animation : Andrew Vucko
Music: Bitrave - Technikal
The Pub - Agency
Paul Fix - Content Creator (Copywriter)
Jamie Overkamp - Content Creator (Art Director)
Dave Tindale - Content Creator
Tiffany Rolfe - Managing Partner / Executive Creative Director
Dave Clark - Executive Creative Director
Mike Hasinoff - Lead Producer