A montage of my most recent work. Massive thanks to all the amazing people and brands I was able to collaborate with during this time.

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Andrew Vucko is a designer, animator, and creative director based in Toronto. Driven by ideas that are communicated simply and with purpose, he strives for clarity before flourish in everything he creates.

Andrew’s work has been featured on television, film, and in digital channels: ranging from animated sequences for Google, Facebook, and Youtube to branding/identity for platforms such as Format and Patreon. Oscillating between elegant and playful, his modernist approach can express the cutting-edge—seen in creative for Nike, Uber, and Toyota’s first artificial intelligence-powered vehicle—in addition to more traditional interpretations for Converse and Microsoft. His work has also been featured in publications such as Communication Arts, Creative Review, Fubiz, Under Consideration and Applied Arts.

Self-taught, Andrew has always been curious how the world interprets creativity and the enigma of its process. His animated short, “Original”, was lauded by Adweek, DesignTaxi, Stash Magazine, and Motionographer as an unconventional take on the age-old concept of creative ingenuity, earning a One Show finalist mention and winning a Merit award.

His exploration of creative ethos led to a second original short, “The Power of Like,” about the changing relationship between creator and audience in an increasingly socialized media landscape. Other process-inspired pieces such as “A Raccoon Thing” and Format’s InFrame series have also garnered attention, both earning Vimeo Staff Picks.

Working directly with agencies, brands, and studios, he is always open to new collaborations. Feel free to ask what’s up here.

Representation — London, UK